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Saviours Day 2021 Workshop: Education for Life
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Saviours Day 2021 Workshop: Education for Life
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March 31, 2021
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Video of the Saviours’ Day 2021 Workshop “Education For Life” featuring panelists Talib Ul Hikmah Karriem, Mizan Rupan, Shahid Muhammad, Shahidah Muhammad, Dr. Khalilah T. Muhammad, Troy 5X, Ayanna D. Muhammad, Wakiti Muhammad and Ilia-Rashad Muhammad.

(Source: “We don’t want to have a ‘word’shop, this is a ‘work’shop.” These were the opening words from moderator Talib Ul Hikmah Karriem, acting director of Muhammad University of Islam (MUI) in Chicago and businessman, during the Ministry of Education workshop delivered at the Nation of Islam’s first ever Virtual Saviours’ Day event, February 26.

“Master Fard Muhammad sparked and ignited a new educational paradigm. He gave to us new knowledge, new wisdom, new understanding, and revelation. He gave to us an invincible truth,” said Brother Talib Karriem.

Under the title, “Education for Life,” the workshop took its theme from the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan: “If a curriculum does not prepare a student for life itself, then it is a worthless curriculum.”

Among the panel of educators tackling this important issue of a meaningful curriculum was Mizan Rupan, a 13-year-old programmer, creator, and inventor of the Safe Touch Pro Handle, from the San Francisco Bay Area. Drawing upon his love for tinkering and the environment created by his previous MUI instructors and his homeschooling parents, Bro.

Mizan developed his product on a 3D printer when he saw his family struggle to safely open doors amid the current Covid-19 pandemic. He served as an example, on the panel, as to what a child is capable of producing when given a curriculum and the freedom conducive to facilitating creative growth.

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