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Remembering Mother Tynnetta Muhammad
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Remembering Mother Tynnetta Muhammad
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May 21, 2022
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“Today is the birth anniversary of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad. We thank Allah for the womb that bore her and produced a star among many. To celebrate and honor her life and legacy, we’ve prepared this small tribute, where many share their personal experiences with her, their endearing memories, and inspiration from those who have come across her work and studies. We pray that her deeds continue to inspire, uplift and awaken our faith, and creative expression from within.

Special thanks to all who participated in sharing words to develop our small tribute to such a magnificent woman. Feel free to like, or comment expressing the impact she’s had on your life or a memory you have with her. Thank You!”–Sister Saffiyah Muhammad (Granddaughter)

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May 21, 2022
You Are Born To Undergo Pressure
May 21, 2022

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